Meeting C++ 2022 is in 4 weeks!

published at 20.10.2022 17:08 by Jens Weller
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Its only 4 weeks to go for Meeting C++ 2022, so I'm happy to share with you that the schedule for the conference is now complete!

The conference will offer 3 tracks with 33 talks onsite in Berlin! The keynotes will be given by Nicolai Josuttis, Daniela Engert and Klaus Iglberger.

The online part of the conference will have the main track as a live stream and a 4th online only track. In the evening the online event will host the AMAs with Andrei Alexandrescu, Inbal Levi and Bjarne Stroustrup. The conference will be hosted online in Hubilo, join belows online events to get a feeling for the online platform!

Tickets are still available for both parts, but onsite tickets will only be available until November 5th - if they are not sold out earlier.

Related to the conference Meeting C++ online actually hosts a few events:

Originally Sean was one of the planned AMAs for the conference, but we couldn't make the dates work.

The next Meeting C++ online job fair

I quickly want to mention, that the last Meeting C++ online job fair in 2022 will be on 29/30th November. The last job fair was again a great success with 66 candidates from 26 countries sharing their CV/resumes with the 3 companies present.

So for the next edition I'm again looking for employers that are interested to meet online with the C++ community for 3 hours to present their open positions. The event will be in the lounge, those companies becoming sponsors of the event will also be listed in the CV/resume sharing form and on for 6 months.

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