Looking for C++ employers for the next online job fair!

published at 25.10.2022 14:12 by Jens Weller
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Announcing the next Meeting C++ online job fair for the 29th & 30th November!

This will be the 5th and last job fair in 2022! Like the previous events it will be held online in the hubilo lounge, featuring tables for each employer.

The last edition in early october did bring 66 submission over the CV/resume sharing form, this edition will also be advertised at the Meeting C++ 2022 conference. So its going to be an even better result in quality submissions which I expect.

The event is again split into an afternoon event on Tuesday and an evening event on Wednesday (assuming European Timezones like CET: Tuesday 3-6pm, Wednesday 8-11pm).

Hubilo Lounge

Some words on the lounge where we host this virtual event in. It lists tables in a grid, each table is a video conferencing room where one employer can represent their open positions and opportunities to candidates for 3 hours per day. Once two people have joined the same table, the table goes into meeting mode, and allows you to start a conversation with the folks joining. You can start a presentation, show code or just have a casual conversation with everyone on the table. The tables usually don't serve as an interview platform, their a way to get a first feeling for you and the candidates alike. There is a chat to share links and important information with the candidates, and you can collect all the data on candidates from your table.

But, not every candidate comes to every table. Some might not have the time to join the event at all or learn from social media about it after the event has happend. Thats why the sharing form exists, so that candidates can share their CV/resume with all the companies that have been at the fair and the previous one.

Employer listing on Meeting C++ included

Since the last edition there has been a change: the employer listing merged with the job fair. This means that the companies booking the job fair also get a 6 month listing in the CV sharing from and on Meeting C++. I want to give companies that support Meeting C++ more visibility, and that is a step towards this. It also acts as an insurance against hosting a not so successful job fair, as you still will be able to have candidates submit to you after the event ends. This usually includes the next job fair, as I try to have one per quarter.

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