KDAB - 10 years of sponsoring Meeting C++

published at 05.10.2022 11:48 by Jens Weller
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Announcing the Gold Sponsorship of KDAB for Meeting C++ 2022!


KDAB is the only company that has been always sponsoring Meeting C++, from its first edition in 2012 to this years conference. This is quite an achievement making them the only all time sponsor, thank you KDAB!

KDAB is active in the community, as a company they mostly stand on the pillars of Qt, Modern C++ and OpenGL. KDAB has done lots of contributions to Qt, like the functionality in QSortFilterProxyModel. They also offer various Qt and C++ tutorials on their YouTube Channel. They also have a newsletter about Qt, C++ and KDAB.

One talks at Meeting C++ 2021 came also from KDAB: Reimplementing Signals, Slots, Properties and Bindings from Qt in pure C++17 by Leon Matthes.

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