Find your dream C++ job next week!

published at 10.03.2022 14:07 by Jens Weller
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Next week is the first Meeting C++ online job fair in 2022. As of now 10 employers will be present at the event.

The job fair is a two day event, on Tuesday the event starts at 15:00 CET/Berlin, on Wednesday its 20:00 CET/Berlin. Join the events via Meetup, both times the event goes on for 3 hours in Hubilo.

As of today these 10 companies are present at the event:

The first 6 employers are the sponsors of the event, you can share your CV/resume with them and 2 other companies* via the CV sharing form. 22 candidates have already done this!

The event will be hosted in the Hubilo Lounge where you then can hop from table to table and meet the various employers. Join the on going conversations that will go from using C++ to which open positions they have available. Each lounge table can host a one hour long video meeting, when this is over the particpants end up in the Lounge again. This is an Hubilo feature.


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