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Software Engineer Tech team for KLM in Amsterdam

published at 25.11.2022 11:01

Location: Amsterdam

Company: Air France KLM

Relocation Level: none

Working at KLM Tech & Data will be your step into a world full of exciting tech & data challenges and rewards. It’s the perfect step for industry professionals who are ready to unlock their full potential. Read on and discover for yourself. You’ll be surprised by what we do! 

What are you going to do? 

You will work with your colleagues in a team setup on a very important, business critical but also very complex framework, which is developed entirely in-house. This framework is being used by both internal and external customers to serve them the correct information regarding travel paths, tariff strategies and seat availability. Tens of millions of requests are being answered by this framework every day! Your assignment is to think of and implement algorithms, maintaining and improving the framework like producing more accurate results, more efficient codebase and solving bugs. 

Where do you land? 

You will be working in our Operations Research & Computer Science department, where you will encounter engaging topics like Cloud computing, software efficiency/performance challenges, caching strategies and (NoSQL) databases. 

We offer you an open, agile, professional and above all, a very nice working atmosphere, in which you will have room and opportunities to further develop yourself. We will have seniors who can guide you along. Making mistakes for example is part of the process! As team we have your back and help you to learn from it. We have a very enthusiastic, tightknit, young and open team, who all share the same ambition: create state-of-the-art products for Air France – KLM. 

A healthy balance between work and fun is something we as team are encouraging, like having drinks and events together. Important to mention, working at KLM enables you to travel around the globe much easier due to the great benefits we can offer you. Leave no place unexplored! Combining this with the possibility to work remotely from anywhere in the EU and Dutch Caribbean for up to 8 weeks; the perfect balance between work and life is possible! 

Your profile 

We are looking for an enthusiastic colleague with the following characteristics:

We offer

Ready for your next destination?

Don’t wait any longer, send us your CV before the final boarding call on 05-12-2022! A motivation letter is no longer required; we will simply ask you a couple of questions during your online application. Within two weeks after closing of the vacancy you will receive a message from us. Your application procedure consists of a Capacity test, a C++ case and two interviews.

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