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Senior Specialized Software Engineer in Poland/Cracow

published at 08.11.2022 12:52

Location: Cracow, Poland

Company: ESET Polska sp. z o.o.

Relocation Level: International

Remote support for this position: partial

Important note - this is full home office position on the territory of Poland, based on work agreement, not freelance or contract cooperation.

What does working as a Senior Specialized Software Engineer entail?

As a Senior Specialized Software Engineer you will be responsible for creating and optimizing technologies related to threats detection. Your main tasks will include antivirus engine development and automatic data processing tools programming. Big data volumes enforce implementation of highly efficient algorithms.

In order to provide users with the maximum degree of protection, a continuous adaptation to ever-changing threats is necessary. The key issue is the safety and reliability of the code, as our product is used by millions of users worldwide.

Technologies used

Microsoft Visual C++ and C#, Python, IDA Pro, JIRA, GIT, BitBucket, Confluence.


The advantages

You will be creating something that really helps computer users. And you will work on interesting topics that are reserved for only a small group of specialists worldwide.


Are you cut out for the job?

For a Senior Specialized Software Engineer position we would like you to have 5 years of experience in C++ programming as well as knowledge of x86 assembly, knowledge of how to disassemble, decompile, and reverse engineer.

You do not need to have any degree to work with us, but we want you to showcase your projects related to programming.

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