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Lead Embedded Engineer - Arene OS

published at 14.11.2022 17:58

Location: London

Company: Woven Planet

Relocation Level: International

Remote support for this position: partial

Woven Planet is building mobility for a safer, happier and sustainable world. A subsidiary of Toyota, Woven Planet innovates and invests in new technologies, software, and business models that transform how we live, work and move. With a focus on automated driving, smart cities, robotics and more, we build on Toyota's legacy of trust and safety to deliver mobility solutions for all. 

For nearly a century, Toyota has been delivering products and services that improve lives. Automation that originated to increase the efficiency of daily activities has evolved into the safe, reliable, connected automobiles we enjoy and depend on today. Now, we are looking to the next 100 years and to extending that dream for a better life for all people from cars to smart cities. 

Our unique global culture weaves modern Silicon Valley innovation and time-tested Japanese quality craftsmanship. The complementary strengths enable us to optimize safety, advance clean energy and elevate well-being.  We envision a human-centered future where world-class technology solutions expand global access to mobility, amplify the capabilities of drivers, and empower humanity to thrive.

Arene’s goal is to open vehicle programming to everyone by simplifying vehicle software development and increasing deployment frequency without compromising safety and security. This will create a whole new market of vehicle application developers who, through software, integrate a vehicle into our daily lives in novel ways. Arene aims to significantly improve how vehicles are designed and developed, and we’re working closely with Toyota to realize this goal in its next-generation vehicles.

The organization is rapidly growing and is setting up a center of competence for OS and compiler development in London, UK, to strengthen our global team.

Learn more about Arene at: more information about Woven Planet, please visit:

WHO ARE WE LOOKING FOR? Our goal is to design and build the next generation in-vehicle platform that can host applications ranging from automated driving to in-cabin experiences. 
We are looking for a team lead, who can inspire and direct a strong team of Arene OS developers in the UK to join this global development effort.
We value team-oriented people, who thrive in challenging and complex environments and who are passionate about transforming the way automotive software is created.

WHAT DO WE OFFER? We offer a stimulating and cooperative team environment, where writing quality software that doesn’t compromise safety is our main priority. We use modern development processes and tools, use and improve existing standards, in an industry that’s keen to change. Our headquarters are located in the international metropolis of Tokyo, but our team is distributed across the globe, with several centers of competence collaborating towards a common goal. Our values harmonize the best of “Silicon Valley Innovation” and Toyota Craftsmanship.
We learn from each other, as well as support and encourage ongoing training such as:1. Automotive Development 2. Software Safety and Security 3. Modern Software Quality Management Practices
We put a strong emphasis on ethics and team values, which include:1. Be Reasonable 2. Work with Integrity 3. Be Empathic and Open to others
We believe in:1. Creative Ownership 2. Growing together through teamwork 3. Courage to make history
Ask us what these values mean to us.




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